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How To Make It To The Top Ten Advertising Agencies In Pakistan

How To Make It To The Top Ten Advertising Agencies In Pakistan
Lowe and Rauf, Saatchi and Saatchi, Millimeter, Bulls eye Communications etc. are one of the big names in advertising agencies of Pakistan. But how were they able to get this name?
Following are few tips that will help your agency get recognition in the world of advertising.

1. Skilled Team:

Having a reliable and skilled team is the key. Many entrepreneurs starts up without a proper office and equipment but they have bunch of reliable friends/team who are creative and have problem solving skills. They are responsible and enthusiastic to produce good quality work. Make a list of professionals you will be needing, like graphic designers, 3d designer, videographers, marketing strategist etc. Then hunt for these people who you think fall under the category you are seeking.

2. Good BOSS:

Many employees leave the job NOT because they are not skilled but because of their bosses. How you expect the employee to take care of your company when you don’t take care of him/her. It’s highly important that Bosses gives employees little freedom to be themselves. Many employees are able to think better after they smoke, few feel better after tea, few employees are able to perform better after a 10 to 15 minute break or nap. Unnecessary strictness not only effects their creative flow but also their performance. Which automatically results in bad quality work.

3. Clear Vision & Mission:

Make sure that your company has a clear vision and mission, that what your company BELIEVES in. And making sure that you deliver what you promise. Your work should speak for yourself.

4. Complete Details About Your Company:

It gives a very bad impression when you go to client WITHOUT companies’ profile, without complete details mentioned on the website, Facebook or other platforms where client/people can get a complete overview of your company.

5. Active Social Media:

Social media marketing is one of the easiest ways to let people know about your work. Post your achievements in form of pictures, videos, feedback from people or even celebrities.

6. Company Is Registered:

Before setting up a business make sure the legal formalities are completed. Like NTN number etc. You shouldn’t give any room to client or the audience or even government to question your identity. So make sure work on your part is done.

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Be A Boss In The World Of Digital Marketing At Pakistan

You wanted to try a new restaurant and 80% chances are that you tried a new place that you saw on digital media. We mostly reply on social media to find out about anything. So how can we make consumers want to know about your business? What marketing strategies you need to attract the consumers via digital marketing? Here are top 5 tips that can make you the boss of Digital Marketing.

1. Social Media:

Posting things on social media can be a risky thing to do, WHY? Because if you made an error, social media won’t forgive you. Think, review, review, again and again before you post it on social media. Many times social marketing has backfired and you can’t do much about it. Make sure you know about the content before you share it, to save your business from social media regrets.

2. Daily Regulation Of Blog/Video:

Having a blog or video is useless if you don’t regularly create original and share able content that creates reliance and rank in search engines. It helps to keep your brand on the top of the minds of the people. Furthermore making sure that your blog has sharing option so that people can drive back to your page or website.

3. Optimize Your Google+ Local Page:

42 % people don’t have their business claimed on Google my business or don’t even know if it’s claimed or not. If your business isn’t listed on Google my business, consumers searching on Google won’t be able to find you. Furthermore it gives a very bad impression if the details of your business are incomplete or location of your business is missing. Make sure details like contact, address, website, location, facebook link etc are mentioned.

4. Use The Target Keywords:

Include target key words in the blog or write up in order to boost the chance that your ad appears on the top of search engines. Moreover use catchy headings to attract people that they feel the need to read your blog/ article or video.

5. Website Tips:

If you haven’t updated your website , do it now!. A clean moderate design is the key to attract people. Above all the website should be user and mobile friendly. Many people search for the website on their cellphones, make sure that your website opens on cell phones. A daily blog on your website is an addition, it will boast your SEO and will set you apart from your competition.

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Marketing Strategies For Pakistani Entrepreneurs

It takes a lot of time to develop marketing strategies that hit the intended audience. A strategic thinker goes through a crazy process in his brain in order to acquire the desired results.
Here are few tips for Pakistani entrepreneurs, it will help them making or amending their marketing strategies:

1. Make People Believe In You:

People not only buy your product but they also buy what you believe in. Make sure that you define the audience of what your believes are.

For example: Masarrat Mishbah make up line, not only produces halal makeup, but it aims to provide better lives for the acid victim ladies as well. This motivates people to buy her products, which make buyers feel that they are supporting her cause.

2. Be A Good BOSS:

It is highly important for the bosses to treat their employees with love and respect. Which will make them work for the company with not only their brain and skills but also with their heart.

For example give them appreciation, get them cake for their birthdays, give increments for their hardwork etc.

3. Best Friends With Partners:

Collaborating with well-established brand helps in the chances of success. It helps to deliver better content and more awareness to the public in short span of time. And comparatively less amount of money is spent due to marketing partnership.

For example the way “OYE HOYE” chips have collaborated with Fanta. Now enjoy your favorite “Oye Hoye” with it’s Fanta-stic combos.

4. Sense Of Humor:

The best marketing strategies are those that makes the audience laugh. It leaves an ever lasting impression on them, that the dialect of the ad. is used in their daily lives.
For example the Ufone ad. “Teri Meharbani” talks about the importance of clear voice during call in a very funny manner. No matter how old the ad. Is, people still remember it.

5. Social Media Marketing:

It is important to daily, nudge your audience with advertising your product. Facebook, instagram or twitters are the platforms used by people on daily basis. It is important to tell them about your existence by daily reminding them, so that your brand remains at the top of their mind.

6. Make Customers Your Family:

Value your customers by remembering them; sending gifts to them on special occasions like Ramzan, Eid or sending card/ message/ gifts on their birthdays. Giving discounts, special offers or sms.

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Truths About Advertising Agencies In Pakistan

Millimeter ad. Agency since its inception in 2008 has noticed few of the ugly truths about advertising agencies in Pakistan. Here are top 3 truths about advertising agencies in Pakistan.

1. World Of Commercialism:

No one can deny the fact that commercialism is penetrating widely in Pakistan. Majority of the client are more concerned in finding ways of accruing more and more money rather than giving something valuable to the society and believing that money will come along.

2. Minimal Advertising:

Less focus is given to the product and its characteristics but the marketing techniques involves touching upon emotions in beautiful and subtle manner order to gain brand loyalty.

3. Cheap Stunts:

Its quite ironic the way advertisement is more concerned with bashing the competitors or advertising targeting females or involving dance to sell products.

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Digital Marketing In Lahore

Rapidly growing technological advancements and internet has changed the way customers interact with brands. Being one of the fastest growing advertising agencies in Lahore, Millimeter is helping its business to adapt to change and succeed with Digital Marketing. The company is providing quality digital solutions in Lahore assisting its clients to achieve more sales through digital assets. Through digital marketing services, the company is providing real time benefits to its clients through various incorporations such as marketing campaigns, media buying, production, market research production and designing and development (Alexander, 2016).

Digital marketing is a terminology for all of online marketing efforts by an organization. Digital channels such as social media, Google search and other websites are leveraged by businesses to interact with existing and potential customers (Chaffey, 2017). Therefore, best digital marketers have a clear picture of the ways of supporting branding assets to their overarching goals.  The following are the branding assets that fall under the efforts of digital marketing of Millimeter:

1.Search Engine Optimization:

Millimeter adopts the procedure of optimizing its clients’ products and services to rank higher in search engine results for increasing the amount of organic traffic that the website receives.

2. Inbound Marketing:

Through inbound marketing, Millimeter takes benefits of “full funnel” approach to attract, convert and delight customers utilizing online content.

3. Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing helps Millimeter to consolidate its brand presence on social media using results driven advertising and marketing strategies.

4. Online PR:

Millimeter, through online PR, ensures the practice of securing achieved online coverage with digital publications, content-based websites and blogs. This helps the company to attract customers likewise the traditional PR but in the online space.

5. Digital Media Buying:

Moreover, a full range of digital media buying services are being offered by Millimeter which includes social, mobile, display and performance media through 360 media campaigns that ensures to meet the clients objectives.

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Marketing Services In Lahore

The whole concept of marketing companies has been radically transformed over the recent years with the development of marketing services through different channels. Marketing companies are responsible for bringing about innovation for a brand’s strategies, promotional campaigns, marketing services etc. Millimeter Group, as being a marketing agency, is determined to expand its reach by achieving optimum success potential through providing numerous Marketing services in Lahore (Millimeter, 2017). The following is the description of marketing services of Millimeter.

1. Social Media Marketing:

The marketing services process carried out by a company on social media websites is known as “Social Media Marketing”. Millimeter is actively involved in social media marketing for its valuable clients through different social media platforms, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flicker, Google+, YouTube and  Instagram. The company makes exceptional strategies for social media marketing, prioritizing the customers’ needs carefully.

2. S.M.S Marketing:

Mobile phone ads are one of the extremely powerful ways of communication from advertisers to attract the potential customers (S.M.S Marketing , 2016). In Lahore, a vast number of majority own a mobile phone and Millimeter considers this as an opportunity to expand its S.M.S marketing services. The company provides S.M.S marketing for its clients to publicize their products or services and increase its awareness among target audiences. A deep emphasis is stressed upon the use of S.M.S marketing due to its probable incentives, which not only helps generating revenue for our valuable clients but also is less time-consuming and directly reaches to the target audiences.

3. SEO Marketing:

With SEO marketing services providing in Lahore, Millimeter Group is not only enhancing search engine ranking for its clients but enabling them to gain their targets they want from online reputation. With SEO marketing, a company can enhances search position by crumpling on top websites like Bing, Google and Yahoo. Millimeters SEO marketing services are reliable and affordable services in Lahore for Pakistani Companies. SEO specialists of the company provide guidance to its clients by knowing their business model and suggesting them with content material and suitable keywords.

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Advertising Agency In Pakistan

Advertising agency in Pakistan

Significant growth is observed in Advertising agencies in Pakistan over the years. In last few years, the concept of advertising agencies has revolutionized with an objective of making idealistic, creative and materialistic advertisements. Among such competitive ad-business environment in Pakistan, Millimeter is emerging as one of the rapidly growing advertisement agency in the country. Being the medium sized result oriented ad agency, Millimeter is accompanied with specialized workforce providing personalized services to its clients. Millimeter is developing and getting immense recognition due to its absolute professionalism, innovative creativity in ad production and having significant command of leading edge communication techniques (Millimeter Group, 2016).

Millimeter is an advertising agency in Pakistan that is having some of the most respected corporate names as its clients and is progressing due to its enviable business ethics and professional standards. Millimeter offers a range of advertisement services such as providing creative ideas for advertising and promotional campaigns, social media and website marketing, SEO and internet marketing, printing and production, communication and branding strategy, creative concept and corporate identity, brochures and billboards, videography, TV and radio commercials and event theme designing.

Being the rapidly growing advertising agency in Pakistan, Millimeter with its professional team is proud of planning, executing and generating most attractive ads for its clients. Our experts are experienced with providing creative designing and innovative ideas emphasizing on constructing original concepts of advertising which ensures positive publicity. Millimeter is capable in designing creative advertising and promotional campaigns for its clients’ products in such a way that their customers not only develop a desire to purchase but are actually aspired to buy those products.

On the other hand, Millimeter is aware of the importance of social media. Being digital advertisers, we use social media to drive conversation, interaction with customers, enabling audience to participate while providing feedback and for online marketing and promotion. Our digital analysts and social media marketing team work for our clients aiming at reaching all demographics, creating instantaneous communication with target customers and attracting them with innovative advertisements. Millimeter is an advertising agency that provides multi-disciplined ad solutions covering all fundamentals of marketing and bringing out measurable business results for its clients.

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Millimeter Film Production

Digital film production has played a significant role in the evolution of content marketing over the years. It is believed by Millimeter that digital film-making  is regarded as a greater way to maximize visibility of its brand and for effective customer engagement. Millimeter develops the ideas of its clients while advising them on cost effective ways to produce their films documentaries or commercials. The portfolio of Millimeter includes projects developed for TV networks, advertising agencies and other clients.

Millimeter offers a tailored, personal and hands-on approach to film production service based on unparalleled visual experience. Millimeter also provides services and resources in the forms of sound design, HD video editing, audio editing, motion graphics and color editing. All respective projects are attentively and passionately looked for from start to finish providing continual efficient client service and videography expertise. The client satisfaction remains a top priority for the company.

A deep understanding of the complexities of film production is comprised by our experienced workforce that offer pre to post film production services to different clients. The experience of Millimeter of managing in-house agency partners, film directors and clients show that it has considerably acknowledged the film production industry. With a team of dedicated band enthusiastic producers, directors, editors, designers and artists, Millimeter has effectively produced branded content, television commercials, short films, food, beauty, automobile and fashion documentaries, music videos and live events across multitude of disciplines and several other projects.

Among st different fields of film production, Ad films remained the most effective for Millimeter when it comes to the capturing of its customers’ attention. We offer comparatively professional and commercial ad film services that our clients need to represent their businesses or products in an imaginative, thoughtful and convincing manner. The concepts of our ad films are very unique that influences our customers to enable them to change their buying behavior. On the other hand, our in-house film production expertise guarantees high level of efficient delivery of premium film production (Millimeter, 2017).

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Millimeter Brand Activation

Brand activation in this digital and globalized business world, different companies intend to create buzz around their names. Their marketing departments look for methods to get their names well-known by every individual through savvy activation (Broadhent, 2016). Brand Activation, being a marketing discipline, is being used by Millimeter to drive customers’ actions through brand recognition and brand interaction. In simple words, Millimeter through branding campaigns aims at the getting customers to act and bringing them to be involved in company’s services while forming long-term emotional connections. Company, as a result of such branding practices, enabled to achieve measurable results while enhancing its customers’ portfolio.

The Brand Activation Campaigns Are Being Used By Millimeter Because Of Following Reasons:

1. Brand Activation is regarded as an important element in overall marketing approach and marketing mix of Millimeter. The management of the company does not take it a standalone discipline. Being incorporated in Millimeter’s marketing approach; the company ensures that adequate resources and budgets are in right place to meet the objectives of brands, ensuring best results.

2. It is recognized by Millimeter’s management that brand activation campaigns need to be changed or tweaked according to changing marketing conditions. Therefore, testing the branding campaigns before its launch is a way being used by Millimeter to make the campaign successful.

3. Millimeter also emphasize on brand activation practices as these provide the company with different options to attract the customers, and management select the most appropriate based on budget and resources. There is no obligation on the company to select a particular branding campaign.

4. Millimeter also generates the customers’ brand awareness, brand loyalty and brand recognition with brand activation practices around its services being offered to them. Our campaign practices through the use of customers’ engagement marketing channels enabled Millimeter to gain the acceptance of its existing clients (Millimeter, 2017).

Brand activation is playing a significant role for the Millimeter’s growth as it helps the company with attracting its customers while acknowledging them with the company’s services.

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Millimeter In House Design


With a group of people with passion towards creativity, Millimeter aims at creating a new kind of House Design where it priorities to understand the customers’ requirements and their products. Millimeter has a strong design philosophy based on complexity while providing its clients with visual interactivity. With its core mission of functionality as its base, Millimeter is enhancing brand significance, catalyzing brand engagement and optimizing brand impression (Millimeter, 2017). Millimeter in House Design is focusing on products like film making, documentaries, event designing, print and digital advertisement, merchandize designing, photography, and brand activation.

1. Film Making And Documentaries:

Through film, Millimeter is proud of making excellent documentaries for various broadcasters. Millimeter is well known for bringing new advancements and the use of technology in documentary filmmaking that are regarded as innovative in style and subject matter. Millimeter aims at helping its clients in creating a visual presentation for their brand and product through film making and documentaries.

2. Event Designing And Execution:

Millimeter helps their clients design and execute their events. Millimeter can cater to the requirement of its clients while designing different events that range from weddings to large family reunions and to corporate gatherings (Ingram, 2015).

3. Print And Digital Advertisement:

Printing and digital advertisement is at the center of Millimeter’s in house designing, through which it helps its customers in developing the structure and designing their print and digital publications. Since digital printing and advertising is known to increase clientage more than any other form of printing (Mullier, 2014). Millimeter is at the helm to cater to client needs.

4. Merchandize Designing:

Through merchandize designing, Millimeter is helping different brands. By showcasing the functionality of their products leaving a lasting impression while providing repeat exposure from certain clients.

5. Photography:

Millimeter has highly talented and professional photographers that facilitate their customers while meeting their photography requirements for their products, fashion shoots, portraits and other creative processes. Through professional photography they deliver only the best quality memories of their customers’ events like birthdays, anniversaries, company annual dinners or conferences.

6. Brand Activation:

Millimeter also does proper planning and execution for brand activation campaigns and various in store activities for its customers.

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Millimeter In House Production


Millimeter focuses on every little detail while understanding the core business, which in turn helps us to precisely define a brand’s meaning, character, and personality (Millilieter, 2016). Millimeter’s devotion towards providing that competitive edge to its clients comes from its understanding of innovation through which gaining an edge over the competition especially with In house production. Millimeter brings you all ease with Advertising


Millimeter Production:

The production of Millimiter includes a diversified range. Some of these are mentioned below:

1. Commercial Film, Training and Corporate Video Production.
2. Presentation/Demo Design.
3. Video, Film Editing and Conversion.
4. Video, Animation, Flash Animation.

On 10 March 2013, exclusive trade events held in different cities for celebrating the launch of Wholesaler’s Program such as SoKamal.

5. Marlboro flagship store launch. Entailing a night of fun for its guests.
6. Augmented Reality’ was introduced for the first time where the consumers had to come and get a brand pitch. The customers were entering the red carpet area through a motion sensor. The purpose of this walk was to make the women of Pakistan feel like stars.
7. Millimeter produced in Lahore Social Engagement and Awareness Strategy started on The Daily Juice and they achieved great fan following displaying its products at the Lums Spring Festival.
8. The project started on 19 June 2013 and the challenge was to deliver Maggi noodles to the consumers prepared under most hygienic procedures while maintaining the quality of the brand (Millimeter , 2016).

Creative Production Of Millimeter:

Millimetre, in its respective industry is wellknown for creativity and innovation in its productions.

1. Millilmeter produced complete Activation Elements Design and Execution for Momo’s Shack.
2. For the Smartphone Store in Lahore, complete Creative’s initiative was developed. Being the creative production of Millimeter, it included; press ad, hoarding, banners, mobile design and van branding.
3. Millimeter designed Marketing collaterals for Nutri. Metro & Hyperstar
4. Through social media, the Social Engagement Strategy produced by Millimeter on facebook, the company used to get immiiate response from brands (Millimeter house , 2017)

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