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How To Make It To The Top Ten Advertising Agencies In Pakistan

How To Make It To The Top Ten Advertising Agencies In Pakistan Lowe and Rauf, Saatchi and Saatchi, Millimeter, Bulls eye Communications etc. are one of the big names in advertising agencies of Pakistan. But how were they able to get this name? Following are few tips that will help your agency get recognition in [...]

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Be A Boss In The World Of Digital Marketing At Pakistan

You wanted to try a new restaurant and 80% chances are that you tried a new place that you saw on digital media. We mostly reply on social media to find out about anything. So how can we make consumers want to know about your business? What marketing strategies you need to attract the consumers [...]

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Marketing Strategies For Pakistani Entrepreneurs

It takes a lot of time to develop marketing strategies that hit the intended audience. A strategic thinker goes through a crazy process in his brain in order to acquire the desired results. Here are few tips for Pakistani entrepreneurs, it will help them making or amending their marketing strategies: 1. Make People Believe In [...]

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Truths About Advertising Agencies In Pakistan

Millimeter ad. Agency since its inception in 2008 has noticed few of the ugly truths about advertising agencies in Pakistan. Here are top 3 truths about advertising agencies in Pakistan. 1. World Of Commercialism: No one can deny the fact that commercialism is penetrating widely in Pakistan. Majority of the client are more concerned in [...]

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Digital Marketing In Lahore

Rapidly growing technological advancements and internet has changed the way customers interact with brands. Being one of the fastest growing advertising agencies in Lahore, Millimeter is helping its business to adapt to change and succeed with Digital Marketing. The company is providing quality digital solutions in Lahore assisting its clients to achieve more sales [...]

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Marketing Services In Lahore

The whole concept of marketing companies has been radically transformed over the recent years with the development of marketing services through different channels. Marketing companies are responsible for bringing about innovation for a brand's strategies, promotional campaigns, marketing services etc. Millimeter Group, as being a marketing agency, is determined to expand its reach by achieving [...]

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Advertising Agency In Pakistan

Advertising agency in Pakistan Significant growth is observed in Advertising agencies in Pakistan over the years. In last few years, the concept of advertising agencies has revolutionized with an objective of making idealistic, creative and materialistic advertisements. Among such competitive ad-business environment in Pakistan, Millimeter is emerging as one of the rapidly growing advertisement agency [...]

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Millimeter Film Production

Digital film production has played a significant role in the evolution of content marketing over the years. It is believed by Millimeter that digital film-making  is regarded as a greater way to maximize visibility of its brand and for effective customer engagement. Millimeter develops the ideas of its clients while advising them on cost effective ways [...]

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Millimeter Brand Activation

Brand activation in this digital and globalized business world, different companies intend to create buzz around their names. Their marketing departments look for methods to get their names well-known by every individual through savvy activation (Broadhent, 2016). Brand Activation, being a marketing discipline, is being used by Millimeter to drive customers’ actions through brand [...]

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Millimeter In House Design

  With a group of people with passion towards creativity, Millimeter aims at creating a new kind of House Design where it priorities to understand the customers’ requirements and their products. Millimeter has a strong design philosophy based on complexity while providing its clients with visual interactivity. With its core mission of functionality as its [...]

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Millimeter In House Production

  Millimeter focuses on every little detail while understanding the core business, which in turn helps us to precisely define a brand’s meaning, character, and personality (Millilieter, 2016). Millimeter’s devotion towards providing that competitive edge to its clients comes from its understanding of innovation through which gaining an edge over the competition especially with In house [...]

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