How To Make It To The Top Ten Advertising Agencies In Pakistan

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How To Make It To The Top Ten Advertising Agencies In Pakistan
Lowe and Rauf, Saatchi and Saatchi, Millimeter, Bulls eye Communications etc. are one of the big names in advertising agencies of Pakistan. But how were they able to get this name?
Following are few tips that will help your agency get recognition in the world of advertising.

1. Skilled Team:

Having a reliable and skilled team is the key. Many entrepreneurs starts up without a proper office and equipment but they have bunch of reliable friends/team who are creative and have problem solving skills. They are responsible and enthusiastic to produce good quality work. Make a list of professionals you will be needing, like graphic designers, 3d designer, videographers, marketing strategist etc. Then hunt for these people who you think fall under the category you are seeking.

2. Good BOSS:

Many employees leave the job NOT because they are not skilled but because of their bosses. How you expect the employee to take care of your company when you don’t take care of him/her. It’s highly important that Bosses gives employees little freedom to be themselves. Many employees are able to think better after they smoke, few feel better after tea, few employees are able to perform better after a 10 to 15 minute break or nap. Unnecessary strictness not only effects their creative flow but also their performance. Which automatically results in bad quality work.

3. Clear Vision & Mission:

Make sure that your company has a clear vision and mission, that what your company BELIEVES in. And making sure that you deliver what you promise. Your work should speak for yourself.

4. Complete Details About Your Company:

It gives a very bad impression when you go to client WITHOUT companies’ profile, without complete details mentioned on the website, Facebook or other platforms where client/people can get a complete overview of your company.

5. Active Social Media:

Social media marketing is one of the easiest ways to let people know about your work. Post your achievements in form of pictures, videos, feedback from people or even celebrities.

6. Company Is Registered:

Before setting up a business make sure the legal formalities are completed. Like NTN number etc. You shouldn’t give any room to client or the audience or even government to question your identity. So make sure work on your part is done.