Marketing Strategies For Pakistani Entrepreneurs

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It takes a lot of time to develop marketing strategies that hit the intended audience. A strategic thinker goes through a crazy process in his brain in order to acquire the desired results.
Here are few tips for Pakistani entrepreneurs, it will help them making or amending their marketing strategies:

1. Make People Believe In You:

People not only buy your product but they also buy what you believe in. Make sure that you define the audience of what your believes are.

For example: Masarrat Mishbah make up line, not only produces halal makeup, but it aims to provide better lives for the acid victim ladies as well. This motivates people to buy her products, which make buyers feel that they are supporting her cause.

2. Be A Good BOSS:

It is highly important for the bosses to treat their employees with love and respect. Which will make them work for the company with not only their brain and skills but also with their heart.

For example give them appreciation, get them cake for their birthdays, give increments for their hardwork etc.

3. Best Friends With Partners:

Collaborating with well-established brand helps in the chances of success. It helps to deliver better content and more awareness to the public in short span of time. And comparatively less amount of money is spent due to marketing partnership.

For example the way “OYE HOYE” chips have collaborated with Fanta. Now enjoy your favorite “Oye Hoye” with it’s Fanta-stic combos.

4. Sense Of Humor:

The best marketing strategies are those that makes the audience laugh. It leaves an ever lasting impression on them, that the dialect of the ad. is used in their daily lives.
For example the Ufone ad. “Teri Meharbani” talks about the importance of clear voice during call in a very funny manner. No matter how old the ad. Is, people still remember it.

5. Social Media Marketing:

It is important to daily, nudge your audience with advertising your product. Facebook, instagram or twitters are the platforms used by people on daily basis. It is important to tell them about your existence by daily reminding them, so that your brand remains at the top of their mind.

6. Make Customers Your Family:

Value your customers by remembering them; sending gifts to them on special occasions like Ramzan, Eid or sending card/ message/ gifts on their birthdays. Giving discounts, special offers or sms.