Millimeter Brand Activation


Brand activation in this digital and globalized business world, different companies intend to create buzz around their names. Their marketing departments look for methods to get their names well-known by every individual through savvy activation (Broadhent, 2016). Brand Activation, being a marketing discipline, is being used by Millimeter to drive customers’ actions through brand recognition and brand interaction. In simple words, Millimeter through branding campaigns aims at the getting customers to act and bringing them to be involved in company’s services while forming long-term emotional connections. Company, as a result of such branding practices, enabled to achieve measurable results while enhancing its customers’ portfolio.

The Brand Activation Campaigns Are Being Used By Millimeter Because Of Following Reasons:

1. Brand Activation is regarded as an important element in overall marketing approach and marketing mix of Millimeter. The management of the company does not take it a standalone discipline. Being incorporated in Millimeter’s marketing approach; the company ensures that adequate resources and budgets are in right place to meet the objectives of brands, ensuring best results.

2. It is recognized by Millimeter’s management that brand activation campaigns need to be changed or tweaked according to changing marketing conditions. Therefore, testing the branding campaigns before its launch is a way being used by Millimeter to make the campaign successful.

3. Millimeter also emphasize on brand activation practices as these provide the company with different options to attract the customers, and management select the most appropriate based on budget and resources. There is no obligation on the company to select a particular branding campaign.

4. Millimeter also generates the customers’ brand awareness, brand loyalty and brand recognition with brand activation practices around its services being offered to them. Our campaign practices through the use of customers’ engagement marketing channels enabled Millimeter to gain the acceptance of its existing clients (Millimeter, 2017).

Brand activation is playing a significant role for the Millimeter’s growth as it helps the company with attracting its customers while acknowledging them with the company’s services.