Millimeter In House Design

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With a group of people with passion towards creativity, Millimeter aims at creating a new kind of House Design where it priorities to understand the customers’ requirements and their products. Millimeter has a strong design philosophy based on complexity while providing its clients with visual interactivity. With its core mission of functionality as its base, Millimeter is enhancing brand significance, catalyzing brand engagement and optimizing brand impression (Millimeter, 2017). Millimeter in House Design is focusing on products like film making, documentaries, event designing, print and digital advertisement, merchandize designing, photography, and brand activation.

1. Film Making And Documentaries:

Through film, Millimeter is proud of making excellent documentaries for various broadcasters. Millimeter is well known for bringing new advancements and the use of technology in documentary filmmaking that are regarded as innovative in style and subject matter. Millimeter aims at helping its clients in creating a visual presentation for their brand and product through film making and documentaries.

2. Event Designing And Execution:

Millimeter helps their clients design and execute their events. Millimeter can cater to the requirement of its clients while designing different events that range from weddings to large family reunions and to corporate gatherings (Ingram, 2015).

3. Print And Digital Advertisement:

Printing and digital advertisement is at the center of Millimeter’s in house designing, through which it helps its customers in developing the structure and designing their print and digital publications. Since digital printing and advertising is known to increase clientage more than any other form of printing (Mullier, 2014). Millimeter is at the helm to cater to client needs.

4. Merchandize Designing:

Through merchandize designing, Millimeter is helping different brands. By showcasing the functionality of their products leaving a lasting impression while providing repeat exposure from certain clients.

5. Photography:

Millimeter has highly talented and professional photographers that facilitate their customers while meeting their photography requirements for their products, fashion shoots, portraits and other creative processes. Through professional photography they deliver only the best quality memories of their customers’ events like birthdays, anniversaries, company annual dinners or conferences.

6. Brand Activation:

Millimeter also does proper planning and execution for brand activation campaigns and various in store activities for its customers.