Millimeter In House Production

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Millimeter focuses on every little detail while understanding the core business, which in turn helps us to precisely define a brand’s meaning, character, and personality (Millilieter, 2016). Millimeter’s devotion towards providing that competitive edge to its clients comes from its understanding of innovation through which gaining an edge over the competition especially with In house production. Millimeter brings you all ease with Advertising


Millimeter Production:

The production of Millimiter includes a diversified range. Some of these are mentioned below:

1. Commercial Film, Training and Corporate Video Production.
2. Presentation/Demo Design.
3. Video, Film Editing and Conversion.
4. Video, Animation, Flash Animation.

On 10 March 2013, exclusive trade events held in different cities for celebrating the launch of Wholesaler’s Program such as SoKamal.

5. Marlboro flagship store launch. Entailing a night of fun for its guests.
6. Augmented Reality’ was introduced for the first time where the consumers had to come and get a brand pitch. The customers were entering the red carpet area through a motion sensor. The purpose of this walk was to make the women of Pakistan feel like stars.
7. Millimeter produced in Lahore Social Engagement and Awareness Strategy started on The Daily Juice and they achieved great fan following displaying its products at the Lums Spring Festival.
8. The project started on 19 June 2013 and the challenge was to deliver Maggi noodles to the consumers prepared under most hygienic procedures while maintaining the quality of the brand (Millimeter , 2016).

Creative Production Of Millimeter:

Millimetre, in its respective industry is wellknown for creativity and innovation in its productions.

1. Millilmeter produced complete Activation Elements Design and Execution for Momo’s Shack.
2. For the Smartphone Store in Lahore, complete Creative’s initiative was developed. Being the creative production of Millimeter, it included; press ad, hoarding, banners, mobile design and van branding.
3. Millimeter designed Marketing collaterals for Nutri. Metro & Hyperstar
4. Through social media, the Social Engagement Strategy produced by Millimeter on facebook, the company used to get immiiate response from brands (Millimeter house , 2017)