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Big Bash

Big Bash Futsal Ramadan Tournament

will be well organise and properly manage tournament, with the Colaboration of Haier, Impulse Event Managment, Photosmith’s, Millimeter, 8th Story Productions
You will surely want to participate in this event with Professional and Friendly Atmosphere. Properly planned fixtures of each match would be provided to all teams before THE DAY of event.

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feel the game

Futsal Pre Hype!!

Knock! The time has come, tournament has come, players will be on the field from 9th to 11th of June 17, 9 teams will be playing thrilled against each other. Come and join us at Lawrence Garden be part of the thrilling audience each spectator makes its own significance to the venue.
See you All!

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Liberate by Mango Musik

Liberate By Mango Musik

Electronic Music And Arts Festival. Event Digital Visual Engagement. By Millimeter Advertising Agency. Through PEMF.

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Millimeter Group

Digital Accessibility!

Millimeter Now Accessible Digitally!

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