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Group Stages system will be implemented followed by the knockout stages:

  • Branded event merchandise will be given to all teams to play the tournament. NO JEANS, PANTS, Dress SHIRTS or any casual wearing would be allowed. 
  • 5 players from each team playing on the field. Max 8 players in a squad.
  • Rolling Subs.
  • Studs are not allowed.
  • Sliding or Aggressive tackling is not allowed.
  • Registration will be only officially communicated, No third party will be entertained without direct correspondence with the event curators.
  • Group Stage Match Duration: 15 min/ half. 30 min match in total. Max 5 min break after First half. Minimum of 3 matches will be played by a team
  • 15 teams will play to compete and become the Champions this Winter , each team will be playing 2 matches and its point scores will dictate its progress to the next stage.   
  • Yellow and Red cards can be shown to indicate a penalty of any sort that may apply.
  • Any form of foul character, actions and use of abusive language, as well as derogatory remarks will result in the issuance of a straight red card to the players involved.
  • Referee’s decision will be final.
  • Walk over rule or a penalty may be awarded to a team if one of the team fails to maintain tournament schedule. You would have to report 1 hour Before the start of the match. Last time of arrival would be 30 minutes earlier with no warm up time.
  •  Best of luck for the Winning of Rs. 100,000/- only, with a priceless  Big Bash Futsal Winter Tournament 2017 Trophy and the title of Season Champions.